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Buses and Mobility Vehicles

Throughout cities and towns across the globe, you will find buses and mobility vans. Whether they are private or public, these vehicles transport many people on a daily basis. There are many proactive steps which those involved in the bus and mobility vehicle industry can take to make sure that their passengers remain as safe as possible. These preventative steps include hiring trained drivers, building high-performing buses, and keeping up with regular maintenance. Another serious issue that can arise is fire. These vehicles are very important for communities, so it is important to make sure they are as safe as possible.

A trained driver can operate a bus, a mechanic can fix it, and we at Seaboard Global can help you protect that same vehicle from fire. We can easily install fire suppression systems inside buses and mobility vehicles. The price of installing a fire suppression system is minimal compared to the damage that a fire can create. The automatic detection portion of the system will ensure that lives are saved and property is not damaged. More and more buses are having these systems installed because the benefits far outweigh the cost. The price of installation is inexpensive, while the fire suppression system can save lives, protect equipment, prevent costly downtime, and reduce insurance liability. Protect your investments today - email or call Seaboard Global today!

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