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Intermodal Suppression

Imagine this…

“A small fire erupts from an electrical short in a junction box located in the front end of a reach stacker. The fire goes unnoticed until it quickly grows and spreads back into the engine bay, fueled by the pull of the engine fan. A hydraulic line is compromised and bursts, adding more fuel to the building fire. The operator notices the smoke and quickly exits the machine without turning off the engine. The running engine continues to feed the fire, meaning that the handheld extinguisher attached to the side of the machine is no longer a consideration, as the fire has now spread to the tires, which threatens a potentially life-threatening explosion. The fire brigade is called and responds in minutes, only to have to wait for the tires to burn out. Their role now is to clear the area and keep the fire contained. The entire port is closed down until the fire is extinguished. The end result is a total loss of a critical piece of equipment that impacts your company in terms of both the machine loss and the loss of the production of that machine. You also experience the loss of revenue from the shutdown of your operations until the fire is contained. If you are located over water, you may also incur fines from the EPA or costs associated with the damage that the fire has caused to other companies in your area. You still consider yourself lucky, because no one was hurt…this time.”

The above recount is a true story and the total cost to that company was in the millions.

Now imagine this instead…

“A small fire erupts from an electrical short in a junction box located in the front end of a reach stacker. The fire is quickly detected by the recently installed automatic fire suppression system. The system activates immediately, shutting down the engine and supplying a total flood of fire extinguishing agent to the engine compartment and hydraulic area. The fire is extinguished quickly without endangering the operator or further damaging the machine.”

Protecting your critical assets may not be mandated by the fire department’s codes or your insurance company, but can you really afford not to do it?

Seaboard Global works with the largest stevedoring and rail service companies to provide automatic fire suppression systems that protect their operations’ critical equipment. We have also partnered with the leading manufacturers of this equipment in order to provide you with the best solution to protect these assets. It’s impossible to predict when the unthinkable will happen, so act now before disaster strikes! Call or email us today!

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