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Electrical Control Cabinets

We recently had a customer tell us a story about one of their locations in California. This customer belongs to the hydropower industry and this particular plant created power by releasing water from a lake into a nearby river. The power plant was located under the lake.

They experienced a short in one of their small electrical cabinets, which caused the wiring in the enclosure to catch fire. Neither the cabinet nor the room had any fire detection or suppression systems installed, so the fire went undetected until it was discovered during a routine security check. By that time, the fire had quickly spread from the small cabinet up through the electrical chase into a cable run, and then proceeded to grow, spreading down the cable run into other cabinets.

Due to the thick smoke, the security guard had no choice but to exit the plant and call the local fire department. The local fire department arrived quickly, but was unable to enter the underground plant due to the limited visibility caused by the smoke. The fire spread to other levels of the plant through cable chases that were not properly fire caulked.

The fire burned for weeks and the damage to the facility was considered a total loss. The loss of the plant cost the taxpayers of California millions of dollars and the shutdown of the facility resulted in the loss of hundreds of jobs. They only experienced a short in one of their small electrical cabinets, yet it cost the company nearly everything.

An electrical fire can be caused by electrical short circuits, overloaded circuits, or faulty electrical equipment. Anything that causes excessive current flow has the ability to create a devastating fire. Virtually every piece of equipment or machinery has some type of electrical box or cabinet. If left undetected, however, these fires can quickly grow into a severely damaging force that threatens both property and life. The key to protecting against these hazards is quick detection at the source of the fire.

In order to detect a fire where it starts, you need an automatic fire suppression system that functions inside the cabinet.

Seaboard Global provides a proven fire detection and suppression solution for electrical cabinet hazards. We have worked with major power plants, large industrial facilities, equipment manufacturers, ports and rail yards to provide a cost-effective system that automatically detects fires at their source, suppressing the fires and providing a signal to notify you that a fire has occurred.

We have successfully protected against thousands of electrical cabinet hazards and we look forward to providing you with an option that best fits your needs.

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