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Server Racks

Modern businesses utilize computers and the Internet more and more each day. This need to be globally connected and “plugged in” is only going to increase in the future. As a result of the ever-expanding amount of technology being used, servers have become an integral part of business operations. These systems are vitally important, and if they break down, you run the risk of not being able to conduct business. Although not common, servers can catch fire. This is usually the case when multiple servers are located in a rack or situated close together. Besides overcrowding, servers can also catch fire from a malfunctioning power supply, electrical arcing, or even a short circuit.

You do not have to live in fear that at any moment a fire could break out, because at Seaboard Global we have the skills and knowhow to install fire suppression systems for server racks. Our systems deliver a non-conductive and non-corrosive agent that requires no cleanup. Besides keeping your machines and space clean, the suppression agents do no harm to the electrical parts of the server. The system detects when a fire starts, and is able to extinguish the fire quickly and efficiently.

State-of-the-art fire protection systems will safeguard your data, your equipment, and your people –Email or call Seaboard Global today.

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