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Wind Turbines

The world is moving towards a major dependence on renewable energy sources, which is why there is an increasing number of wind turbines throughout the world. These turbines provide energy in a way that is far less invasive to the environment. Wind turbines are built with the highest quality parts and in accordance with the highest safety standards. Even with a special focus on safety, there are still issues that can arise when operating wind turbines. Fire is one of these problems. When you are dealing with heavy-duty electronic equipment, there is always a risk of fire, which can result from surges caused by lightning strikes, overheating, and having flammable oils in the same space as hydraulic fluids. At Seaboard Global, we have the solutions to keep your turbine safe from fire.

The height of these machines, sometimes reaching upwards of 300 feet, makes traditional firefighting methods useless. Traditionally, when a fire broke out on a turbine, it would burn until it died out on its own. Sometimes, this can lead to further issues, such as potentially starting a brush fire. Fire suppression systems can be added to wind turbines that will keep your expensive machine and valued workers safe. It will also save your company time and money by allowing you to quickly fix the problems and get back to work.

We can add cost-effective fire suppression systems to wind turbines that will help to ensure safety. If a fire breaks out, it can be devastating to your business. Fire suppression systems put out fires quickly without any mess to clean up afterwards. Our solutions are the most efficient and effective way for you to defend against wind turbine fires and keep your investments protected. Call or email us to learn more about our innovative systems and solutions!

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